How to Throw the Best Outdoor Summer Wedding

If you’re hosting a summertime wedding, you’re probably envisioning a perfect blue sky day, gorgeous weather and mild temperatures. What you don’t want are overheated guests, sweating from the St. Louis humidity and mosquitoes hovering over your perfecting wedding cake.

Don’t let mother nature ruin your plans! Read on for tips on keeping your guests – and the bridal party! – cool and comfortable while dressed up and outdoors for your big day.

  • Choose an Indoor/Outdoor Location: If you haven’t booked your wedding site, start by looking for a space that offers both outdoor and indoor party areas. This gives your guests options as well as a comfortable area to cool off in.
  • Use Natural Shade: Check out your wedding venue in advance and ask that seats and tables be placed under the cool shade of big trees or umbrellas.
  • Skip the Perfume (at first): Avoid attracting bees by skipping perfume until the sun sets.
  • Protect Your Guests: We offer Mosquito Control for Special Event and Wedding Protection. We work closely with you and your other vendors to ensure your wedding venue is properly protected, in time for your big day.
  • Flower Care 101: On hot days, summer wedding flowers can wilt quickly. Ask your florist to pay extra attention to your flowers’ water source when transporting your centerpieces and bouquets to your wedding venue.
  • Take the Cake Indoors: Prevent gnats and mosquitoes from attacking your cake by having it stored indoors or even refrigerated until it’s needed for display and the cake cutting.

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