Effortless Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

As flowers and plants bloom to life for Summer in St. Louis, so do the opportunities for outdoor entertaining! From casual get-togethers to more formal backyard graduation parties and even weddings, you’ll want to make sure you keep your guests comfortable. Here are our tips on creating a backyard oasis – including effective ways to keep pests away from your big party.

Invite Essentials: Include all important details (date, time, occasion) on your invitations – even if they are informal invites. For a house party, it can be important to mention setting, which is really all about shoes. No one likes to show up to a party in pricey heels only to spend the rest of the evening trying to keep them clean. Let guests know if the party will be outdoors or on the lawn.

Get Rid of Standing Water: The week before your outdoor event (and throughout mosquito season), pour out any standing water around your property. This is where mosquitoes breed and thrive, so you’ll want to empty out rain gutters, kiddie pools, and even water that’s collected in flower pots and plant containers.

Supply Party Fans: Natural raffia fans or inexpensive accordion-style paper fans will look pretty and inviting placed in a big basket outside.

Protect the Food. Leaving too much food outside can attract swarms of bugs and insects. Try serving party snacks in waves and protect other dishes with mesh food covers.

Get Air Flowing. Even a small amount of airflow can help to keep mosquitoes – who are poor flyers – away from your main party areas. Turn any outdoor fans onto a low setting, or place smaller fans outside, especially near food and drink station areas.

With a bit of planning, you can ensure that you’re outdoor soiree is enjoyable. Contact our team today for a free estimate on our special event services: (314) 582-3980!

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