Mosquito Squad Has a Heart

Mosquito Squad cares. We have a heart. Along with the organization, Malaria No More, the Mosquito Squad brand made a vow to give back with the higher purpose of ending needless deaths from malaria, a deadly disease caused by the bite of a mosquito. While we “fight the bite” every day as a convenience for our clients in St. Louis, for children in Africa, the fight against the bite is often times life or death.

483,000 children die every year from malaria. But the good news is here. Since 2000 malaria mortality rates have fallen 51% among children under five years old. And Malaria No More is a big part of those efforts. It gives us great pride to partner with Malaria No More, such a formidable force in the battle against malaria. This year Mosquito Squad is launching “Dread’s Challenge”…with the lofty goal of saving 250,000 lives in 3 years. We are well on our way. Since 2011 the Mosquito Squad system has saved over 153,000 lives. Our goal for 2014 alone is 65,000 lives saved, and we are over the halfway mark.

How do you save a life from malaria you wonder? It’s simple. $1 donated=one treatment=one life saved. Called the Power of One campaign for a reason, it’s doable…for anyone. Whether you save one life or 250,000 lives, we all can make a difference. Mosquito Squad: Saving lives. 250,000 of them, one dollar at a time.