On The Front Lines At All Times!

Ethan and Capricia

Get to know the owners of Mosquito Squad of Greater Indianapolis!

Ethan and Capricia have had quite a life, both serving within the military and their local community. They recently sat down for a short interview and discussed how their military training has contributed towards their success with Mosquito Squad!

  • What made the transition from Active-Duty Military to Full-Time Mosquito Squad Owner easy for you?

Ethan actually still serves as an AGR (Active Guard Reserve) for the Air Force National Guard, in 2014 I made the transition from Active Duty to being a traditional soldier (1 weekend a month, drill status) and running the business. We are both still in the military (Ethan at 18 years I am 19 years). The transition was made easy because this franchise is a system, has a set process and procedures much like the military. We have a "manual" if you will on how we can make our business successful.

  • Are there similarities between how you operated within the military, versus how you own/operate your current business?

The discipline that we install in the structure our business model is similar. Our expectations from our technicians and the training program that we have implemented mirrors a structure we have become familiar with. Our jobs in the military is similar in that it helped us understand taken care of customers, taking care of people, and always doing our absolute best no matter the circumstance.

  • What does a “Veteran-Lead” business mean to you?

For us it means, motivation to succeed and that means taking care of our customers, long term planning, seeking ways to improve. We value the safety of our employees, our customers, and our environment.

  • What events has your company participated in, or contributed towards?

Operation Job Ready Veterans, Carmels’ Kids soccer, Compassion International, Family Promise of Hendricks County, Why Not Today (non-profit Hendricks county), we treat multiple church and non-profit organizations for special events at little to know cost.

  • How has working with Mosquito Squad changed your life?

Being a small business owner has taken my level of professionalism to an entirely different level. I received an MBA in 2012, and thought I understood business practices, but actually doing the work it a complete different story. Proper understanding of every level of business operations and the stress and challenges as well. Not only to I want to do my best for my customers, but the desire to show our young daughters that being the boss is possible. I love the flexibility I have being able to spend quality time with them is priceless.

 Capricia on active duty
  • Do you think that your (as well as your husbands’) past military experience has contributed towards your current success?

Yes, being a small business owner is not easy, it seems flat out impossible sometimes. However, failure is never and option for us. Yes, we may run into issues, but we learn from our errors and we are continuously striving to be better every day. We don't know the word Quit.

  • What’s a memorable experience from your time in active-duty that your customers may find compelling?

Traveling throughout the middle-east in Afghanistan and for the first time in my life understanding what true poverty is and how blessed we are to live in this country. I recall visiting the different Bazar and hearing the different stories of Afghan's families and how they are trying to support them.

  • What does being a “Mosquito Squad” owner, mean to you?

My family absolutely loves being outside, through this company I am able to help others enjoy their properties again as well!

To receive the complete mosquito control that your event deserves, call The Squad today at (317) 593-2545 for a free estimate!

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