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Your Guide to Off-Season Mosquito Protection

While the summer days may be fading away as fall takes over, until you have seen the first frost and the temperatures stay consistently below 45F, you may still be seeing and hearing mosquitoes buzzing around. August and September are generally the months where we start to see positive mosquito pools for viruses such as West Nile.  It is during this time when we may even be at higher risk of contracting a mosquito-borne infection.

Mosquito Facts

Although mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects and generally don’t bite in temperatures below 50F, sometimes their activity can increase during fall with the build-up of condensation together with the cooler air. The little pest comes out of the shade and damp areas where they have been escaping the heat until the frost hits.

During the fall months after mating, the male mosquito dies.  The female mosquitoes however either hibernate until the weather warms up in spring or lay plenty of winter-hardy eggs in pools of water before dying.  Areas such as cellars, sewers, storage sheds, and barns are the perfect place for the female to lay her eggs. The mosquito larvae (eggs) stays in a dormant stage until the water temperature warms up.  The embryo development continues, and the mosquitoes hatch at the coming of warmer weather.

Mosquito Protection 

So don’t let your guard down during the months of fluctuating temperatures, instead take advantage of the nicer fall days to tidy up your property and reduce the breeding sites and activity of the pesky mosquito. This along with the application of insect repellent is the most effective way to protect yourself.

Ensure your garden is free of any breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  Remove all standing water from your yard and any other objects, junk or gardening equipment that can collect rainwater.  Clean up any leaves which may have fallen to reduce the dark, damp environments they create. Leaves also gather in gutters and on flat shed roofs, so it’s important to get up and clear them out safely.  Piles of leaves in the garden are not only unsightly, but they are also a perfect home for other unwanted bugs and insects.

Call Mosquito Squad Today! 

While fall is not necessarily the prime time to get bitten by mosquitoes, it is the time when mosquitoes breed and lay eggs, increasing their numbers and possibly spreading diseases.  Now is the ideal time to hire a professional to eliminate some of the mosquitoes from the neighborhood. While it’s hard to get rid of them all, it can make a huge difference in maintaining a mosquito-free yard.