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How to Avoid Common Outdoor Wedding Disasters

Summer is right around the corner, and that means we are entering peak outdoor wedding season! These events are milestones in a happy couple’s life and the outdoor ceremony and reception have the potential to be beautiful and serene. However, when dealing with nature, there are also many things that could go wrong.

We know there are a million details involved when planning a wedding, but be sure not to ignore these six common outdoor wedding disasters that could ruin your big day. Here’s how to avoid letting mother nature rain on your parade.

6 Common Outdoor Wedding Disasters

1. Bug Bites

One of the worst outdoor wedding disasters is pesky bugs attacking the bridal party and guests! With our special event mist, we provide an easy fix for this, however there are many simple DIY remedies and preventative measures you can take before contacting a pest control company. Start by having a conversation with your venue. Ask them if it’s possible to remove any standing water ahead of your event. If there’s a pond or water feature on the property, ask about adding mosquito dunks to kill off eggs.

Next, plan for day-of prevention. Mosquitoes are weak fliers, so you can set up oscillating fans to provide a steady breeze and keep the pests from landing on guests. You can also provide your guests with an array of repellents. DEET does the trick, but there are also natural mosquito repellents that have been proven to be almost as effective. Have several different bottles and allow your guests to choose what type of mist they want to apply.

Or you can ditch the repellents and contact us for a more reliable solution that will keep the mosquitoes away. About 24-48 hours prior to guests’ arrival, we can apply a barrier treatment that includes extra protection against biting, stinging insects. Our treatment eliminates or greatly reduces the number of mosquitoes that might otherwise bite guests or hover around food. Our mist dries within 30 minutes of application, leaving no odor or visible residue. The best part is our event mist provides protection all day and night through your entire event! We can help keep summer mosquitoes under control so your outdoor wedding guests aren’t constantly slapping and scratching.

2. Inclement Weather

“It’s like rain on your wedding day…” Alanis Morissette may not know the meaning of ironic, but her song lyrics certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to things that just plain stink. Luckily, if you have a backup plan for your wedding, a little rain won’t dampen your fun! Rent a tent or other canopy covering to set up in case the skies open up, or provide portable umbrellas for guests. Also take into account the mud that could ruin dresses or make things slippery and hazardous. Ask your tent rental company about mats to place around the entry points of the tent so guests can wipe their feet before heading for cover.

If you’re really worried about monsoon-level rain, you might want to consider a backup space indoors. Best case scenario is that your venue may have a ballroom or other facility that you can use in case the weather really won’t cooperate.

3. Sunburn

You want sunshine instead of rain for your special day, but too much sunshine can cause problems, too! You don’t want your guests to remember your wedding by the sunburns they got. The sun is strongest from 10 am to 4 pm, so try to avoid having your event during these hours. If you do have a midday ceremony or reception, just be sure to have lots of shady areas for guests to rest.  Tents and other sources of rain cover double as shade for preventing too much sun exposure. Shade can also double as decoration – umbrellas, canopies, and pergolas can create an idyllic ambience! You could also offer sunscreen for your guests to use.

4. Food Melting or Spoiling

Just like your guests can get warm and start to sweat, so can your food! The hot sun and excess humidity can destroy a beautiful cake display or turn delicious food into a dangerous den of bacteria. Avoid making anyone sick or ruining your picture-perfect wedding cake by taking the proper food safety precautions. Always choose an experienced caterer who is familiar with working at outside venues. Talk to them about their plans to keep food cold and out of the sun’s rays.

Make sure you have an indoor staging area where you can keep delicate items — chocolate, fish, meats, or foods with dairy or mayonnaise — cold until right before you serve them. Consider the placement of your buffet or dessert tables; choose a well-shaded area, or skip the buffet altogether and serve your guests individual courses that will be eaten right away.

5. High Heel Damage

There’s nothing like a broken heel or a nasty fall to ruin a party! If your guests will have to walk on uneven surfaces like grass or cobblestone, be sure to warn them ahead of time so they can dress accordingly. Avoiding stilettos is always wise for an outdoor event, but if your fashionista friends insist on wearing them for your big day, suggest a set of Solemates High Heelers. These little pieces of plastic just slip over a thin heel to provide a wider and more sturdy support base to prevent you from sinking into grass or twisting an ankle on cobblestone. Brides could even add High Heelers to their bridesmaids’ gifts.

6. Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion

Dehydration and heat exhaustion are always a risk when you’re spending time outdoors, but the threat is even worse when there’s alcohol involved. Your guests will be having so much fun that they’ll probably forget to stay hydrated and rested. Provide plenty of cold water or iced tea throughout the day and ask your caterer to keep the supply stocked! You can even dress up water with fresh fruit, cucumbers, lemons, or herbs to make it more enticing.

When you plan ahead and consider every possible mishap, you’ll set yourself up for a smooth day of love, dancing, and fun – no matter what the great outdoors may throw at you!

If your wedding venue has a mosquito problem, be sure to contact Mosquito Squad of Greater Washington DC today. We’ll help you take care of the biting pests at your wedding and special events so you can sit back and enjoy your big day!