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The Big Stink about Stink Bugs

A few decades ago, stink bugs were virtually non-existent in America, living only in Asia. Somehow, these pesky bugs managed to hitch a ride, and in 1998, stink bugs were documented for the first time in the USA, found in Pennsylvania. Since then, their population has exploded, and the stink bug is now found in over 30 states.

So what’s the big deal? Live and let live, right? Stink bugs are agricultural pests, destroying thousands of acres of crops every year, costing farmers and precious gardeners resources. Not only do stink bugs wreak havoc on fruits and vegetables, but they’re also a nuisance to homeowners. Each year before winter hits, stink bugs find their way into homes to stay warm. Once they find a nice and toasty place to stay, stink bugs begin emitting pheromones that attract other stink bugs, and pretty soon, your home is the host of a stink bug party!

If you haven’t figured it out the hard way, you should take heed before you go on a stink bug-killing rampage: Stink bugs release a pungent smell when smashed. Instead of smashing stink bugs, sweep them up with a broom or pick them up with a paper towel and throw them into an outside trashcan with a lid or closed container.

Preventing Stink Bugs

To prevent stink bugs from entering your home before winter, re-caulk all window seals, cracks around doors and siding, and pipelines. Don’t do this during winter or the stink bugs won’t be able to get out when the weather warms up.

If your home has been prone to stink bug invasions in the past, use pesticide designed for stink bugs around the outside perimeter of your house.

For gardeners, if your plants have become food for the stink bugs, use a certified garden pesticide on only the plants that have been affected. If you catch stink bugs in the act of eating your plants, gently remove them and throw them into a closed trashcan or container.

If you want a proven method to rid your home of stink bugs completely, DC Mosquito Squad is equipped with the tools and experience to get the job done.