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Why DC Mosquitoes Are Still Biting In The Fall

As the seasons change to fall and the warm temperatures drop off, you would think that the mosquitoes would disappear too.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case!  Those of you making the most of the afternoons and evenings outdoors before it gets too cold might find yourself still getting bitten by the pesky insects you associate with the heat of summer.  Washingtonians will still have to deal with these little guys until the first big frost sets in. 

Why Are Mosquitoes Still in Your Yard?

Mosquitoes being cold-blooded creatures will generally start to hibernate or die off when the temperatures are below 50ºF.  As we are yet to consistently experience those low temperatures, the mosquitoes are still active and biting.  In some cases, their activity can increase at this time of year with the build-up of condensation and cooler air.  Many come out of their hiding place under shade and in damp areas where they have been escaping the heat.

So while you are trying your best to enjoy an evening cookout and fall festivities, the mosquitoes are doing their best to annoy you as you linger outdoors on your deck or patio enjoying the cool, fall breeze.

Protect Your Family 

It is important to protect yourself and your family from the pesky mosquito still.  If you are spending time outdoors particularly in the times when mosquitoes are most active, remember to apply repellent which has registered by the EPA and where long sleeved clothing.

Don’t let your guard down in the yard either. Keep your property maintained during this period ensuring you don’t provide the mosquito with ideal habitats to breed.  Cleaning up the fallen leaves, clearing the gutters of debris, empty any containers of water and checking for possible entry points into your home will reduce the numbers of mosquitoes living around your property.

Mosquito Squad offers a seasonal treatment service to our customer through the middle of October, which can help to rid your property of these annoying creatures. If you continue to notice the presence of mosquitoes in your yard further into fall, our team can come out and administer additional sprays if required.

When Will the Mosquitoes Leave You at Peace?

You will find the mosquito activity tapering off with the onset of cold weather as they begin to hibernate.  Different species, however, demonstrate different life cycles, habitats, and tolerances to cold, so you might notice a few still lingering around.

The male mosquito has a short lifespan, living only 1-3 weeks, while the female mosquito will either hibernate until warmer weather in spring or lay winter-hardy eggs in pools of water before dying.  These eggs will remain in a dormant stage until the water temperature rises before developing into an embryo and hatching during the warmer periods.

If the pesky mosquito is ruining your time enjoying the fall days and evenings outdoors, then contact our trained professionals who can assess your property, and a provide a solution to reduce their numbers until the cold weather sets in.