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Rain, Rain Go Away So We Can Spray for Mosquitoes Today

We have a love/hate relationship with the rain, and we’ve had a LOT of rain lately here in Montgomery County. For mosquitoes to breed and business to be good, we need the rain. To be able to mist, successfully eliminating those rain produced mosquitoes we need it to stop raining sometimes. When a summer like this one comes along, it is a double-edged sword, but you might be surprised at how uneven that double-edged sword is.

Our Sticky Time-Released Formula

Our traditional barrier treatment has a timed-released formula that allows it to last for up to 3 weeks even if it rains later that very same day. Before buying this franchise location, I had a really good chance to test the effectiveness of this product, even in the rain. My yard was being misted every three weeks for the summer, and the results were amazing. Then came an extended wet period. One July day despite very heavy skies my yard was treated, and within one hour we had the heaviest torrential rain of that summer. My first inclination was to call and request a respray. But because I was considering buying this franchise, I realized I had a great opportunity to test the product.  Being the curious person I am, I decided not to ask for a respray. I am not kidding you; I had zero mosquitoes for the next three weeks. Given enough time to dry, our product sticks.

If you see a chance of rain in the forecast, you can still get treated with the regular product. As long as the mosquito mist has time to dry you should be good to go. If it does rain after an application doesn’t fret, hold off and see, it does stick as long as it has dried first. With our traditional barrier treatment sticking to leaves, grass and other foliage, mosquitoes that come along after the fact will be eliminated or repelled for up to 3 weeks.

How Long Does it Take for Mosquito Spray to Dry?

There is not an exact answer for how long it takes for mosquito mist to dry. I can’t say with certainty that after 31 minutes and 28 seconds you can turn on the sprinklers and do the rain dance. There are many variables. On a hot sunny day with low humidity, it can be very fast. On a cool cloud damp day, it can take a bit longer. Generally, an hour is enough time to dry in most conditions. As always we guarantee our product, so if it does indeed rain shortly after your yard is misted and you find the effectiveness to be diminished in some way – we will come out and respray, no questions asked.

We are crossing our fingers that we get some great summer weather to enjoy in between these bursts of rain, but even if we don’t get our wish, you can still protect your family from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne viruses such as West Nile Virus. Protect your family and friends today by contacting Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery to schedule mosquito and tick protection for your special outdoor occasion and all season long!