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DC Mosquito Squad Treatments: A Safe and Effective Way to Protect You and Your Family This Season

DC Mosquito Squad is driven to protect you and your family from annoying and potentially harmful pests.  While doing so we focus on providing the safest and most effective treatments to ensure your family’s health and well being is priority.

As we head into the beginning of this year’s mosquito season, it’s time to consider your options in controlling unwanted insects from harming your family and pets. We offer several effective options which will reduce the number of mosquitoes in your property for 2 to 3 weeks after each treatment and give you the peace of mind that you are helping to protect your family from bites and diseases.

Mosquito Squad Standard Barrier Treatment  

Our barrier treatment achieves maximum coverage around your property for up to 3 weeks. When applied, there is a slight residue that sticks to the underside of foliage on plants and grass. This residue is not noticeable to the human eye. When mosquitos graze on the foliage, they are killed, reducing the population instantly. Our standard treatment is applied every 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the package purchased. Free as-needed re-treatments are included in our seasonal package.

Mosquito Squad Natural Treatment

Our natural mosquito treatment is ideal for those looking for an organic, non-synthetic solution. While this treatment does not kill insects such as mosquitoes and ticks, it does repel them through the powerful odor (powerful to them, you won’t smell it). The control period is also shorter, and less effective than the standard treatment, but does reduce the insect population by during that time. Our natural treatment is applied every 2 weeks to maintain maximum effectiveness. Free as-needed re-treatments are included in our seasonal package.

Are synthetic insect sprays really safe for my family?

The solution we use in our mosquito treatment treatments contains pyrethroids, which is the synthetic version of an extract made from the chrysanthemum plant. While many consumers are wary of the use of synthetic insecticides around their family and pets, pyrethroids are considered a safe product that has very low toxicity. Pyrethroids are becoming more and more popular in gardening and farming products due to the low toxicity.

Pyrethroids are mixed with water during the application and applied at very low concentrations to control the tiniest insects. The residue left on plants and surfaces is miniscule, posing very little risk to the health of larger, beneficial  insect species such as butterflies and pollinating bees.

Pyrethroids are toxic to fish and other aquatic life due to their slow metabolisms. We do not treat areas around ponds or other aquatic features to ensure the fish are not exposed.

Exposure to the treatment before it drys may affect those who are very sensitive to chemicals or those with existing respiratory conditions. However, if the solution has entered the system, the body eliminates it extremely quickly.

DC Mosquito Squad works to minimize any risk

While the solution used to treat your property poses very little risk to your health, we like to ensure we do everything possible to keep your family safe. During the misting we advise you and your pets remain indoors while our experts tend to your property, and for a period of 30 minutes after the treatment until the treatment has dried.

We also suggest you remove any children’s and pet’s toys from your property before we treat it to reduce any chance of exposure. If you happen to forget to bring in any toys, washing them in soap and water will remove any residual residue.

The Mosquito Squad of Greater Washington DC team are well educated and informed about safety and the solutions used within our products. Our mosquito control treatments are properly applied by experts posing very little risk to your family’s or pet’s health and the environment. By engaging DC Mosquito Squad this season to eliminate unwanted critters, you can be reassured we will put your family health and needs first.