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DC Mosquito Squad: Fighting Mosquitos AND Bad Guys

After starting what seemed like just another day of fighting the good fight against mosquitos and other pesky pests, two DC Mosquito Squad employees stopped in at an Arlington, Virginia 7-Eleven for a quick break. Little did they know that the rest of their day was about to change.

On Tuesday, August 5th, Ray and Joe walked in on a robber demanding cash from the store manager. Thankfully, our fast-acting DC Mosquito Squad crew members were one step ahead of the would-be thief and held the him against the wall, stopping him from stealing over $6k in cash and possibly harming the manager and his customers.

Unfortunately, the crook got away, but our two heroes were rewarded with free slurpies and chili dogs.

DC Mosquito Squad is known for fighting bugs and mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus. We pride ourselves in helping Washington DC residents take back their yard and enjoy the great outdoors without being eaten alive.

DC Mosquito Squad is proud of the heroic actions of our two employees and commends them for their astounding act of bravery.