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DC Mosquito Squad Employee Spotlight

To kick start our Employee Spotlight series we would like to introduce you to one of the most recent employees to join the DC Mosquito Squad team, Keith Dubetsky.

When did you begin working at DC Mosquito Squad?

I began working for DC Mosquito Squad on February 1st of this year, a month after completing a 30 year career with the Fairfax County Fire Department. I would have liked to have had a few more months enjoying doing absolutely nothing but hanging out with my wife and two young children but the owner of the DC Mosquito Squad (Damien Sanchez) offered me a chance at something new that came with time constraints so I had to jump right back into the job market.

What is the best part about working at DC Mosquito Squad?

I enjoy working here for several reasons but mostly because I get the opportunity to work with such an enjoyable office staff and ownership. We all work very hard during the spring and summer seasons, so a bond forms not unlike being at the firehouse all over again. Once, fire was the enemy, now, mosquitoes are. And we win almost all of the time here as well!

What is your #1 tip for people looking to control mosquitoes around their house?

First and foremost, pick up your phone and call DC Mosquito Squad! On a more serious note, eliminate any standing water in your yard and maintain control over your lawn and keep weeds from growing tall near your foundations of your home. Adult mosquitoes like to rest during daytime hours in those places so make it less hospitable for them and hopefully you will start reducing their numbers.

Why should people choose DC Mosquito Squad?

Do you mean other than why not go with the Number One Mosquito Squad in the nation? We are in that position for several reasons, one being that our staff is second only to our customers and we will do all that is necessary to please them. I will not say that our service includes good communications and great service because that is what EVERY OTHER company should be doing without having to mention it. What I will say is that every single household in the Washington DC metro area, deserves to be able to enjoy their outdoor living experience and we as a company, will guarantee 100% without fail, that every effort will be made in order for that to happen.

If you have any further questions for Keith or need some advice on how to rid your home of mosquitoes, call DC Mosquito Squad on (571) 364-6956 for more information about our services.