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12 Pallet Projects Perfect for Your Backyard

Pallet projects are the latest rage in thrifty decor! If you’ve looked around a rustic, Bohemian store, courtyard, or restaurant recently, you’ve probably noticed at least one piece of décor or furniture made from wood pallets. These upcycled shipping pieces are finding new life as everything from chairs to storage contraptions, and they’re popping up all over the place.

Crafters and DIY enthusiasts are all over this design trend. The appeal of reclaimed pallets is multi-faceted: they bring a charming, country-chic vibe to any spot, especially a backyard, patio, or deck. The best part is, the pallets can often be sourced for free from local businesses, because the material is typically discarded after use.

If you’re looking to try your hand at turning pallets into handmade projects, here are 12 DIY ideas to get you started.

12 DIY Pallet Projects for Home Decor & Outdoor Living

Tables and Chairs

It makes sense to start with the patio staples: tables and chairs. There are endless possibilities for furniture you can construct using pallets. You can start small with an end table or a rolling coffee table and then work your way up to a larger table with a little slot for succulents in the center. For seating, try your hand at an Adirondack chair, made from just one pallet. You can even go the whole nine yards and create a full dining set or a pallet bar complete with bar stools. If you have little ones, consider crafting a classic picnic table from pallets.

Lounge Furniture

In case you like to sit on something a little more comfortable on your deck or patio, there are plenty of options for pallet lounge furniture. Recreate a store-bought sectional with pallets and pillows, or think out of the box with a swing bed or a daybed made from pallets.

Deck Cooler

While you’re relaxing on your rustic pallet patio furniture, you’re going to need a place to store your drinks to keep them cold! Try your hand at building this adorable cooler stand, which you can customize to fit your cooler’s dimensions.


Pallet wood makes a great home for garden plants! You can go for the traditional look by constructing a box for a single plant, or you can opt for something a little trendier with a vertical garden that barely requires any construction knowledge to create.

Gardening Storage

If you need mores pace to house all your tools for your pallet garden, just prime another pallet, add a few widgets, and attach it to your wall. Voila, you’ve got hanging storage!

Compost Bin

Composting food scraps is a great way to reduce waste and produce rich organic fertilizer for your garden. For backyard composting, you can easily construct an outdoor compost bin using pallets. You can opt to use pieces of pallet with chicken wire or whole pallets.


Why purchase a plastic sandbox, you can make your own with pallets? Just build a frame and then add a lid. This sandbox has a lid that converts into a seat when folded up!


Constructing a playhouse from pallets is a bit more labor intensive and complicated, but the payoff is huge! A DIY house can be customized to suit your little one’s individual personality.

Lemonade Stand

Next time your kids want to sell lemonade, you can turn it into a fun craft project. Instead of using a simple table, try making an old-fashioned lemonade stand using pallets.

Garden Accent

For a simple and charming garden decoration, take a pallet and paint it and add some accents. You can use it to hide an unattractive part of your yard—like an HVAC unit—or make it look like a little entryway fence.

Pet Bed

Have you ever considered that Fido might like to get in on the pallet trend, too? You can use pallets to create an affordable bed frame for your pooch.

Bike Rack

Constructing a bike rack from pallets is super simple, and the final result is a trendy storage place for your ride!

Now that you’ve beautified your garden, patio, or deck, get outside and enjoy it! If you need help reclaiming your yard from pesky mosquitoes, contact Mosquito Squad of Greater Washington DC.