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Malaria No More

Malaria is essentially non-existent in the USA, Europe, and Australia, but in Africa and South America, thousands of people die every year from this debilitating disease.

For nearly a decade, Malaria No More has dedicated itself to eradicating malaria from Africa, and has raised millions of dollars to provide mosquito netting and medical supplies to communities in need. Through government lobbying, unique partnerships, and strategic awareness building, the Malaria No More campaign is making huge strides in erasing malaria from Africa for good.

Although malaria was eradicated in the US nearly 60 years ago, the disease continues to kill more than 650,000 people every year, with most of those deaths occurring in children.

The most economical, effective, and rapidly usable method of malaria prevention is to use mosquito nets. Malaria is also easily treated with Artemisinin, which can cure a person in three days and costs less than $1. Through your donations, even if it’s just $1, you can save a child’s life by helping purchase quick and easy medical treatment or a mosquito net.

Malaria No More’s noble campaign has spread across the world, with Malaria No More organizations in Canada, Japan, and even Malaria No More UK. Together with your support, we can make Malaria No More’s goal a reality.

Since 2010, DC Mosquito Squad has been a proud partner of the Malaria No More campaign, and the Mosquito Squad franchise has donated more than $50,000 to their cause. In 2014, we launched Dread’s Challenge, a three-year goal of saving 250,000 lives in Africa. If you want to help us fight the bite, please donate here.