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What Type of Blood Do Mosquitoes Like?

mosquito on skin

You may be wondering: what type of blood do mosquitoes like? The answer: mosquitoes like all types of blood. But research indicates mosquitoes may prefer blood type O over others.

Do Mosquitoes Really Prefer Type O Blood?

Researchers have been investigating what type of blood do mosquitoes like for decades. Over the years, they've found type O blood is a top choice for mosquitoes.

In one study published in 1974, researchers evaluated 102 patients in conjunction with various factors that could attract mosquitoes to them. In their analysis of the study results, researchers indicated mosquitoes preferred feeding on participants with blood type O.

Thirty years later, a study was used to examine mosquitoes' blood type preferences. The study indicated mosquitoes landed more frequently on people with type O blood. It also showed mosquitoes landed on type O secretors significantly more often than type A secretors.

In addition, a 2019 study was used to assess mosquitoes' blood type preferences. The study revealed type O blood was mosquitoes' preferred choice.

Mosquitoes Are Attracted to More Than Just a Person's Blood Type

Blood type is one of many factors that can draw mosquitoes to an individual. Other factors that can drive mosquitoes to bite people include:

  • Alcohol: Mosquitoes may be more attracted to people who drink alcohol, according to a 2002 study.
  • Body odor: Ammonia, lactic acid, and other compounds in the skin can affect a person's body odor and make it more attractive to mosquitoes.
  • Carbon dioxide: When a person exhales, mosquitoes can be attracted to their carbon dioxide trail.

Regardless of why mosquitoes are drawn to certain people more than others, they can attack anyone, at any time. As such, it pays to do everything in your power to protect against mosquitoes. That way, you can limit their impact now and in the future.

How to Guard Against Mosquitoes

You may be concerned about what type of blood do mosquitoes like, and rightfully so. Fortunately, you can follow the 7 T's of mosquito control to protect against mosquitoes, regardless of your blood type. These are:

  • Tip: Tip over any dog bowls, plant saucers, or other items on your property. These items can collect standing water that attracts mosquitoes.
  • Toss: Remove excess grass and lawn clippings from your property.
  • Turn: Turn over a child's sandbox or any other large items that can collect standing water.
  • Target tarps: Keep an eye out for any tarps that aren't taut and remove any standing water that collects on them.
  • Take care: Clean out your gutters and perform other home maintenance tasks to avoid standing water across your property.
  • Team up: Partner with your neighbors to combat mosquitoes.
  • Treat: Use a mosquito barrier treatment to help reduce mosquitoes from your property and prevent them from coming back.

Don't worry about what blood type you have. Our team can reduce mosquitoes by 85-90% for your property no matter how attracted mosquitoes are to you. Call our team today to request a free quote for Atlanta mosquito control services.