Atlanta Deemed Second City in the U.S. with the Most Bugs


First is worst, second’s best. Certainly, in this situation, second is far from best. According to a recent survey in 2022 from Thumbtack, an app to connect local service professionals to homeowners, Atlanta is the second-place winner or the most bugs in the nation. We are only second to Dallas! How can Atlanta take this current standing and turn it around? By using Mosquito Squad for your Atlanta mosquito control services!

Millions of Projects Surveyed for the Most Bugs in the Nation

Thumbtack surveyed numerous projects to develop their list of the most bugs in the nation. Of the top ten, Florida was listed four times, and Texas three. With Georgia only listed once, it’s good to know that there’s a chance for us to fight against the insects threatening to swarm. It was also noted that July and August were consistently the buggiest months of the year, peak times for everyone to be outside enjoying the sunshine. Unfortunately, from House Beautiful in 2020, Atlanta was fourth on the most bugs, and in 2021, Apartment Guide solidified our place in second.

Two years running, we’ve kept that place. It’s time to change that, and not by grabbing first place!

Mosquito Squad: Local Atlanta Mosquito Control

The question becomes, what can we do against these creepy crawlies?

A close up of a bug

Description automatically generated with low confidenceFirst, you need to be proactive with your pest control. Reducing their hiding and breeding places is key to keeping their numbers down. This goes for both indoor and outdoor areas. Following the 7 T’s of Mosquito Control provides helpful tips on how to look at your property to evaluate prospective problem areas and put an end to them. These include tipping over items that aren’t in use that could collect water or removing loose tarps from outdoor areas.

Second, you hire an Atlanta mosquito control service to help actively repel mosquitoes from your property. The Mosquito Squad of the Greater Atlanta Area provides residential and commercial services to ensure that everyone can protect their outdoor spaces, no matter how big.

When looking into hiring a company to service your property, it is always recommended to check the company’s reviews. Mosquito Squad is no different. We have over 2,700 five-star reviews for our services around the Atlanta Metro area. We always see to it that our customers and their property are properly taken care of.

Are you looking for the best way to reduce the mosquito population around your home and help end Atlanta’s second place for the most bugs?? You have found it. Mosquito Squad of Greater Atlanta will help reduce the mosquitoes on your property by up to 90%. Contact us online or call us today at (770) 504-4494 for a free quote for mosquito services in the Greater Atlanta Area.

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