Why Are Mosquitoes Still Out in Atlanta?

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Warm weather plus humidity means the mosquitoes will continue to be a nuisance. Yes, it is late October, and yes, mosquitoes usually are not still much of a nuisance at this point in the year. But with above-average temperatures and plenty of rain, mosquitoes are still out. They don’t look at a calendar and they sure don’t care that you’ve put out your fall decorations and carved your pumpkins. As long as afternoons continue to be warm, the mosquitoes will be actively seeking a meal. You!

What should you do to avoid late mosquito season annoyances and bites? Follow the tips below and enjoy this gorgeous time of year without the mosquito hassle.

October Mosquito Control in Atlanta

Be vigilant about yard clean-up.

Don’t let the cooler nights trick you. Keep standing water out of your yard by continuing to follow the Ts of mosquito control. Tip, Toss, Turn, Remove Tarps, Take Care, Team Up, and Treat! Especially important this time of year will be to keep up with those falling leaves, so they don’t retain moisture for the mosquitoes to thrive in. Also, if you’ve seeded your lawn and are watering daily, double-check to make sure nothing in the sprinkler’s aim is holding water.

Don’t forget the repellent.

When you are outdoors in untreated areas, you should still be using mosquito repellent on exposed skin. Repellents with DEET work best and can help you avoid mosquito bites.

Wear long sleeves and pants to cover your skin.

Keeping exposed skin to a minimum will give mosquitoes fewer options for biting you. If enjoying the outdoors in untreated areas, be sure to cover as much skin as possible.

Keep professional mosquito control services.

Mosquitoes don’t use a calendar. They don’t care if it is October or January or July – they will be out and active when the weather allows. For the Greater Atlanta area, this could be into November some years. It could also be as early as late February and early March when you see the first mosquitoes emerge for the spring season. Make sure you have professional mosquito control that will be there for you when the mosquitoes decide to arrive early or stay late. Someone like Mosquito Squad of the Greater Atlanta Area.

If you have forgone professional mosquito control or maybe your service has stopped for the season, call our team today! We don’t stop until the summer weather stops and we can reduce mosquitoes on your property by 85%. Call now.

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