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Mosquito Squad's Expert Customized Mosquito Treatment = Dedicated Care For Bees and Other Pollinators

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Here at Mosquito Squad of the Greater Atlanta area, clients and prospects often ask about how we care for the bees and pollinators while still reducing mosquitoes. It may seem counterintuitive to some, but we actually go to great lengths to protect bees, but several Mosquito Squad location owners are also beekeepers.

beekeeper holding beehive

Mosquito Control with Bees in Mind

Our owners, staff, and team of highly-trained mosquito control technicians are ALL dedicated to keeping our bee populations intact. You don't have to be from the Peach State to care about Mother Nature's pollinators' important work.

Just honeybees alone contribute nearly 20 billion dollars of value to U.S. crops each year with their pollination. Some crops, though, are up to 90% dependent on honeybees.

So, how do we reduce mosquitoes while being mindful of the bee population?

Our mosquito control technicians go through rigorous training to customize the mosquito barrier treatment for every property, every time. Having the customization built into our process for every property makes it like second nature for our technician.

What do our bee-conscious mosquito control technicians look for?

  • Our technicians avoid treating vegetable gardens and fruit trees.
  • Open blooms on all plants, including perennials and annual flowers, are avoided.
  • Training also includes learning how to identify beehives which we also avoid when treating your property.
  • Avoid treating areas where bees forage.

When it comes to integrated mosquito control, a customized approach is best. Not just for bees, but also to recognize specific problem areas that could be causing a mosquito problem to persist – something can then be done about it.

From advice about keeping your yard clear of mosquito habitats, larvicide for standing water, all-natural mosquito control solutions, and our dedication to avoiding bees, the Mosquito Squad of the Greater Atlanta Area is the best choice for mosquito control in the North Atlanta area.

Mosquito Squad Walks the Walk

Mosquito Squad of the Greater Atlanta area has beekeepers in our client portfolio. We work closely with the property owners to ensure a safe treatment that respects their bees while still reducing mosquitoes.

Call today to request a free estimate for mosquito control on your property. If you're a beekeeper, as our team about it.