8 Ideas to Make Your First Post-Lockdown Backyard Parties Extraordinary

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Gatherings with friends and family are resuming, and we couldn’t be happier. Just in time for the backyard cookout season, we can finally host more than one couple at a time. If you’re preparing your first post-lockdown outdoor party, you need to check out these ideas for making it one for the record books.

8. Set the Stage

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Is your deck or patio beginning to show its age? Refresh your outdoor living space with a good power washing and some new stain or paint. If your backyard living space could use an upgrade, don’t wait; contact Atlanta Porch & Patio right away to request a design consultation.. While they are very busy with an increase in demand, the longer you wait to call, the longer you’ll be waiting for your new deck, porch, or patio.

7. Make it Comfy

Today’s outdoor entertaining requires more than just an outdoor dining table or picnic table. Your friends and family want to be comfortable. Add an outdoor couch or conversation set with plenty of cushions and pillows. Your outdoor space should offer as many comforts as the indoors.

6. Provide Sun Protection

Spring and summer sun in Atlanta can be hot, hot, hot. Make sure your outdoor areas offer plenty of shade. Where there are no trees or a porch roof, consider cantilever umbrellas that can be adjusted as the sun rises and sets. Or go with a creative solution like a shade sail, pergola, or awning.

5. Light it Up

Don’t leave it to that ancient floodlight on the corner of your house to keep the party going. Those things are too bright, attract too many bugs, and don’t quite set the party mood. Add professionally designed landscape lighting, deck lighting, and patio lighting to keep the fun going after dark. Subtle lights surrounding your space or festive overhead string lights will make your backyard the one where everyone wants to hang out.

4. Add Friendly Competition

backyard cornhole game

Relaxing and catching up over food and drinks is great, but getting rowdy over a friendly competition is even better. Be sure to invest in your favorite yard games to keep your guests moving and their blood flowing. Cornhole, horseshoes, volleyball, and bocce ball are just a few of the endless backyard games you can play. And if your crew is not eager to get physical, playing cards, dice, or bunko at the outdoor dining table is always fun.

3. Add Entertainment

Outdoor TVs are a must. If a big game is on, no one has to miss it to spend time together. Consider adding a full outdoor entertainment system under your porch roof. With the audio system, you can have the best music for your party. With the TV, you can host viewing parties for any occasion and even have a movie night in the backyard with the kids!

2. Share without Sharing Germs

While we may be gathering again, chances are some of your guests may be a bit leery about sharing germs. (And who could blame them.) Make your guests feel comfortable by providing food that is portioned out into individual sizes to limit potential contamination. Menu choices that are one bite or incorporate skewers, mason jars, and other creative containers will make this task a bit easier. Check out these ideas for creating individual portions.

1. Reduce Annoying Mosquitoes

None of the fun ideas above will be all that enjoyable if the mosquitoes are attacking and chasing you indoors. Skip the stinky bug repellent and choose something more convenient and lasting. With Mosquito Squad of the Greater Atlanta Area’s professional mosquito control treatment, you’ll enjoy an 85-90% reduction in mosquitoes on your property for up to THREE weeks! We offer naturaloptions, event sprays and more. Be sure to call us today for all of your outdoor pest control needs.

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