Mosquito-Borne West Nile Virus in Greater Atlanta: Should You be Concerned?

mosquito on leaf

Residents of the Greater Atlanta area, including Johns Creek, are experiencing an increase in mosquito activity, and with it comes the troubling discovery of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus. With Atlanta ranked as having the fourth most mosquito service calls in the entire country in 2023, it's more important than ever to understand the risks and take action.

Johns Creek Mosquito Control Helps Defend Against West Nile Virus

The recent detection of mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus in popular areas such as Alpharetta and Johns Creek has left many residents concerned. Dr. Brandon Leftwich, the environmental health director at the Fulton County Board of Health, reports at least half a dozen instances of these disease-carrying mosquitoes countywide. Older adults and those with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of severe health complications should they contract the disease, making prevention a priority. While the county is acting by distributing flyers and planning to spray affected areas, individual vigilance and defense measures are essential.

Mosquito Squad of Greater Atlanta can assist in helping keep your outdoor lifestyle enjoyable by reducing the mosquito population around your property by up to 90%.

Mosquito Control in Johns Creek for a Better Outdoor Lifestyle

Whether you're an avid gardener or someone who enjoys the late afternoon on your patio, increasing mosquito activity can throw a wrench in these activities. This year's mosquito problem has been substantially worse than in years past, making outdoor activities almost unbearable for some areas.

To adequately defend your outdoor spaces, choosing the right mosquito control approach is crucial. Our professional mosquito control treatments, designed to disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle, last for up to 21 days for continued effectiveness. And our process doesn’t stop there. With the help of our highly trained technicians, we will identify and target potential mosquito breeding grounds, tailoring our mosquito control plan to your property’s unique characteristics. With warm weather expected to continue in our region for some time, mosquitoes will almost certainly be around for longer. Fortunately, professional mosquito control is here to help extend your outdoor enjoyment.

At-Home Tips to Help Defend Against Mosquitoes in Greater Atlanta

Be mindful of breeding grounds: Stagnant water and heavily wooded areas are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Clear standing water and yard waste from your property to hinder mosquito reproduction.

Use defensive measures: Utilize repellents and cover yourself properly during early mornings and late afternoons when mosquitoes are active.

Consider professional assistance: Relying on professional services like Mosquito Squad of Greater Atlanta is easy and proven effective. Rather than worrying about what changes you need to make to your outfit or stressing about forgetting your mosquito repellant, our treatments will take charge and ensure you will see far fewer mosquitoes on your property.

West Nile virus is here in Georgia. At Mosquito Squad of Greater Atlanta, we are dedicated to providing powerful Johns Creek mosquito control so you can enjoy the outdoors without worry this season! We guarantee a dramatic reduction in the mosquito population on your property, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces once again. Give us a call at (770) 504-4494!

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