Do ticks keep you inside?

reading on the grass

people walking in the woods  I don’t know about you, but if it is sunny and warm outside, that is where I am! It’s probably not news to you by now that this is a banner year for ticks. Unfortunately those parasitic little buggers love to make us their lunch by hitching a ride on our clothing or exposed skin.  Having a little tick bite would not be such a big deal if they did not carry illnesses like Lyme Disease to infect your family and pets.  It is important to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our pets from ticks whenever we can.

tick  Being that it is summer in the Northeast, ticks are quite prevalent right now.  If you plan on being outdoors at all, you always have the possibility of encountering ticks.  Be sure you are dressed properly for all situations.  If you know you will be in a tick infested area like the park or in the woods, wear long pants and tuck them into your socks.  The less amount of skin exposed the better! Wearing lighter colored clothing can also help you see ticks if they climb on you.

If you do find a tick that has latched on, be sure to remove it promptly with a set of tweezers.  Grab the tick by its head as close to your skin as possible.  Steadily pull the tick up and out of your skin being careful not to jar it too much.  You want to try your best to get it out in its entirety.  Once it is out, be sure to wash the area, your hands and the tweezers with either rubbing alcohol or an iodine solution.  If neither is available, soap and water are fine.

Try to avoid ticks when you can.  But if you do get bit, pay close attention to the wound for signs of a rash.  Contact your doctor if you have any symptoms like rash, lethargy or you generally feel ill.