The Safest Ways to Shield Your Children From Mosquitos in Grand Rapids

Your backyard should be a safe place for your children to play. Yet, during the summertime months in Grand Rapids, Michigan there is a threat to their health and wellness. It’s mosquito breeding season, and it runs from late spring until early fall. The main reason is that mosquitos spread diseases, like West Nile Virus, but even bites from those pesky insects can get infected in children. 

That’s why, as a parent, it’s probably on your mind to find the best mosquito protection around. Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids is here for your family. We provide the best mosquito protection with natural mosquito control that’s safe for your children to play around. Let’s look at how backyard mosquito control works so that you can provide a safer environment for your children to play in this summer, and some tips when you’re not at home. 

Natural Mosquito Control Grand Rapids 

At Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids, our highly trained technicians can come out to your yard for a free estimate to determine exactly the areas that need to be misted. Our Natural Protection is geared towards the safety of your kids and pets. It’s dog friendly mosquito control and safe for your kids to be around after just 30 minutes of application. 

The natural mosquito control is made of essential oils and botanicals that drive mosquitos away from your property. We’ll put you on a schedule of application where we come to your yard every 14 days during the high mosquito season in Grand Rapids. You don’t even have to be home while we mist. We’ll leave you a note that we’ve been there to make your yard a safer haven without bothersome and dangerous mosquitos affecting your family’s outdoor quality of life. 

Other Tips to Keep Your Children Safe From Mosquitos 

Along with using backyard mosquito control from Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids, there are some other ways to keep your children safe this summer from mosquitos when they are playing outside at a local park. Grand Rapids is one of the worst places for mosquitos in the United States so these tips will help them stay protected. 

Dress your kids in lightweight and light-colored layers that shield their skin. Keep their feet in closed-toed shoes, like sneakers with socks. 

You can also find natural mosquito control mist or lotion to rub on their skin. Some even have SPF in them too. It’s helpful to protect your children this way if you know they will be outside for a long period of time having fun in the sun. 

Contact Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids for Natural Mosquito Control 

Now that you know how to protect your kids away from home, isn’t it time to make sure that your own yard is as safe from mosquitos as possible this summer? Call Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids at 616-920-8069 to schedule your free quote for natural mosquito control today. 

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