Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids

mosquito squad misting yard

Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids is the most trusted mosquito and tick control service for people who hate the discomfort and annoyance of mosquitoes.

Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids helps people enjoy a mosquito-free yard because it offers effective products and superior customer service.

Most trusted mosquito and tick control

o 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

o Stop Mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor fun

o Stop the bite. Enjoy your yard again.

o Take back your yard.

o The mosquito and tick defender

o Let’s start enjoying our yards again. By putting an end to mosquito bites

o EPA-registered

o Protect your family and pets from the danger and nuisance of outdoor pests

o Effective mosquito control that works, guaranteed

o All Natural Barrier Treatment

o Tick-Tube, Intensive Tick Control Treatment

o Outdoor Wedding and Event Sprays

o Tick-Tube, Intensive Tick Control Treatment

dreed skeater

“I’m Dread Skeeter. My life’s mission is to defend against mosquitoes and ticks. I don’t kill because I hate. I kill because I love. I love kids. I love pets. And I know that mosquitoes and ticks carry diseases that hurt kids and pets. (Adults, too, but I don’t get all mushy over adults – well, maybe moms and grandmas, but that’s where a manly man draws the line.)”