Mosquito Misting Systems

misting sprays

Reduce the presence of biting bugs like mosquitoes, flies, spiders, no-see-ums and gnats in your outdoor spaces. A Mosquito Squad Mosquito Misting System will perform all year long to keep these annoying bugs at bay. 

misting sprays

Mosquito Control Made Easy

Misting systems have long been used to protect horses from flies in barns. With advances in technology, mosquito misting systems can now be safely and efficiently used in outdoor residential areas, allowing you to enjoy their benefits.

Ongoing Mosquito Protection

Mosquito misting systems deliver a fine mist of botanical insecticides to outdoor areas via strategically placed mist nozzles. The spacing of these nozzles forms a protective barrier around your property for powerful and ongoing mosquito control.

For more information on our mosquito misting systems please call Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids at (616) 920-8069