Mosquito Control

mosquito squad misting yard

This year was a reminder that there really is no such thing as a normal mosquito season. First the year started with extremely warm conditions in March which resulted in the hatching of spring Aedes mosquitoes 2-3 weeks earlier than our state has ever experienced in past years. The end of the season was also unprecedented with a very large brood of floodwater mosquitoes which was also later than our state has ever experienced in the past. Although our records only go back 36 years this expanding of the mosquito season, if it continues in the future, will certainly result in changes to how we operate.

On another subject, it has been difficult to sit back and watch the weekly increase of human West Nile virus cases in the greater Detroit area and Grand Rapids and know that nothing is being done to control the mosquito vectors in these locations. The news releases promoting using repellants, wearing long sleeve shirts and pants, and avoiding areas where you encounter mosquitoes, just doesn’t set very well with me. I know the implementation of mosquito control activities in these areas could significantly reduce human West Nile virus activity. Regretfully, there is not the political will or the funding to do anything except wait for autumn and the mosquito season to end. The MMCA must be vigilant, and ready to support any efforts to establish mosquito control throughout the state when the opportunity arises.

Seeing as we do not have county wide mosquito control like the east side of the state it is a good thing that Mosquito Squad was opened in West Michigan, states Dan Dykstra – owner of the Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids franchise. With our process of mosquito control we can effectively provide a mosquito free summer to just about everyone in West Michigan.

2012 was our first year and even though it was a very dry summer, we still were getting calls throughout the season from people that were having problems with this pesky bug. When late summer came around we were all hearing the stories of West Nile Virus and the fact that it was the worst year on record. Mosquito Squad was out and about protecting hundreds of families from being bitten by mosquitoes.

We are looking forward to what 2013 will bring to our mosquito control company, and we look forward to helping thousands of clients in 2013.