Heartworm – Mosquitoes and Dogs

dog in water

Ever wonder how your pet could ever contract Heartworm? It’s those same mosquitoes that are buzzing around you when you are trying to relax on your deck in the evening. While they are a nuisance to you, they can be deadly to your pet.

“Approximately 25% of the 60 plus species of mosquitoes known in Michigan are capable of transmitting dog heartworms and these include many of the species that are major pests to humans”, says the Department of Ag in the state of Michigan.


Mosquitoes are also the transmitter of other viruses in our pets. They transmit these when they are taking the blood meal. Don’t get to worried about the next mosquito bite as it has to happen with their is a certain concentration in the blood to transmit the virus. Other diseases found in Michigan include: St. Louis Encephalitis, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Western Equine Encephalitis, California Encephalitis and most recently West Nile is showing up in Michigan.

Most of these cases are limited in Michigan, however, there are lots of ways to protect yourself and your pets. The most important is to keep standing water to a minimum on your property. This will limit the reproduction of mosquitoes. Remember a source as small as a water bottle cap can produce 300 mosquitoes in less than a week.

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