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Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal


I went camping last weekend with my son and people from my church.  One of the boys there shared his thoughts on bugs after we realized gnats were bothering some of us.  (I wish somebody would have contacted me to treat the area to get rid of the gnats before we arrived).   He told me that he had learned that mosquitoes were the most dangerous animal on the planet.  I was happy to know that he had learned so much about them.  He was referring to the fact that mosquitoes cause a lot of people to die from malaria.   Of course, malaria is attributed with causing a million people a year to die.   Mosquitoes also spread West Nile virus, encephalitis, and Dengue Fever.  ABC news recently reported Dengue Fever has been found in 28 people in Key West, FL.   Malaria was actually found in Virginia a few years ago.   The strand of mosquito, Aedes Aegypti, that transmits Dengue Fever has been identified in Maryland.

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