Mosquito Squad helps stimulate the economy

mosquito squad misting yard

One of our customers told us an interesting story.  He bought his house five years ago.  Soon after that they invited people over to spend time in their yard.  Their guests were “torn up” by mosquitoes and they never felt comfortable inviting people over to spend time in the yard.  He also felt he could not sit on his deck.  Their property backs to an industrial location that he believes helps the Asian Tiger mosquitoes to breed.  He had tried several things to eliminate mosquitoes, including a pest control company that would not guarantee its mosquito control.  Nothing worked. 

After Mosquito Squad treated his property twice, he spent $1,000 buying things for the backyard, including a trampoline so his daughter could play outside.  They also invited people over to cook crabs and eat in their backyard for Memorial Day 2010.  He sits on his deck nightly now.   He did say there is one drawback to our service:  he now has a sunburn from taking his shirt off while he enjoys his backyard. 

Mosquito Squad’s mosquito control comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  We do not indicate a 100% elimination of mosquitoes, but strives to help people see a drastic reduction.  We treat a property in a way to hurt the mosquitoes were they live, eat, and rest.