Mosquito Magnet Encounter

family playing in yard

I was out treating yards for mosquitoes the other day.  In one yard I noticed that the home owners had an old, and now unused, Mosquito Magnet sitting in their yard.  They have now decided to use a professional mosquito control company to get rid of their mosquitoes. 

The difference between the Mosquito Magnet and Mosquito Squad is profound.  Mosquito Magnet actually sends out carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes to your yard.  Female mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide because it tells them that there is a mammal with blood in the area.  Female mosquitoes are looking for that blood meal in order to get protein to lay their eggs.  The theory behind Mosquito Magnet is appealing, but I have heard that there are several former Mosquito Magnet users now using Mosquito Squad in the Greater Washington, DC area.  Why do you want to attract mosquitoes into your yard anyway?  Mosquitoes first detect the carbon dioxide, but then try to locate the source through sight.  Mosquito Squad of Frederick applies a product that is designed to kill and repel mosquitoes from your yard.  With thousands of satisfied customers around the country, Mosquito Squad provides a proven solution worth trying.  As one repeat customer told her neighbor in my presence, we used Mosquito Squad last year and had “no mosquitoes,” so we thought we would use them again.  Her neighbor’s reply?  I noticed less mosquitoes in my yard too because of what you were doing.