Blood Sucking Insects Can Cause Disease in Pets

kids with dog

Over the weekend, I spoke briefly with a technician at the Banfield Veterinary Clinic in Frederick, MD. She told me that they are treating quite a few dogs with Lyme Disease in Frederick. That did not surprise me. She also told me that several of the dog owners are not willing to spend money to protect or treat their dogs. The veterinarians recommend that everybody treat their yard to kill mosquitoes and ticks to protect their dogs. A barrier treatment that kills the mosquitoes and ticks would be a good solution.

She also confirmed that they are treating at least three dogs that have Heart-worm. According to her, Heart-worm has three stages. If they catch it in a dog in the first three phases they can treat it.  If the Heart worm is in stage four or five, it will be fatal for the dog. She also told me that there is nothing a veterinarian can do to treat Heart-worm in cats. The best way to save your cat from Heart-worm is to prevent it. That emphasizes the need for mosquito control.