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Lyme Disease in Maryland


A woman in Mount Airy recently hired Mosquito Squad of Frederick, MD to perform tick control services.   She explained that her 17-year old daughter has had Lyme Disease for the past eight years.  Unfortunately, the doctors who treated her daughter were unable to diagnose the problem for most of those eight years.  The mother researched her daughter’s symptoms and finally suspected it was Lyme Disease.   In November 2009 doctors confirmed her suspicion.  She is determined to protect her daughter, and the rest of her family, from getting any more of those disease carrying pests.  She hired Mosquito Squad to do a barrier treatment in her yard to attack the adult ticks and to place tick tubes around the perimeter of her property to kill the ones in the nymph and larval stage.  This two-pronged attack is thought to be most effective in controlling these Lyme-Disease carrying pests. 

Mosquito Squad of Frederick is happy to join in the fight to prevent this potentially debilitating vector spread disease.   Mosquito Squad of Frederick is a public health pest control company serving Frederick  and Washington Counties in Maryland.