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Prepare for Spring with Wellesley Tick Control

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Here comes spring, and with it comes ticks. Protect your yard with Wellesley tick control.

We’ll all spring forward this weekend, dreadfully losing an hour of sleep. The great news is, that none of us needs lose a moment’s sleep over the threat of the upcoming tick emergence. That’s because Mosquito Squad of Franklin and Framingham stands ready to get your yard protected with our highly effective Wellesley tick control.

Did you continue your Wellesley tick control last fall and winter?

Wise homeowners know that “tick season” never really ends. Sure, ticks are not so active in the late fall, and they go dormant as the temperature drops consistently below 45°F. Thing is, they do not simply go away for good. They lie in wait for springtime, where they can once again carry out their blood feeding and reproducing. If you are in the know about ticks, their activity, and inactivity, you probably enlisted the help of Mosquito Squad last fall to place tick tubes around your property to eliminate ticks where they hide. You will have a leg up if you took advantage of our tick tube program, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get on our tick control mist schedule ahead of spring. While you should expect to have fewer ticks emerge around your property, no amount of tick tubes will eliminate them all. Plus…well, mosquitoes!

Wellesley mosquito control and tick control go hand-in-hand.

It’s not all about ticks and tick-borne illnesses in Wellesley MA. It’s true that our area has some of the highest rates of Lyme disease in the United States, but the Northeast is no stranger to mosquito-borne illnesses, most notably West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis. Fortunately, there were no reported human cases of either of these mosquito diseases in 2021, and Mosquito Squad of Franklin and Framingham would like aid in preventing cases in 2022.

We would be remiss to leave out the harm mosquitoes can do to our pets. Heartworm is fatal if untreated. This disease is treatable in dogs, but even treatment can be fatal. Heartworm is also preventable in a couple of ways. First by prescribed veterinary heartworm prevention methods. Secondly, by lowering the risk of mosquito bites. The best way to do that is by calling on Mosquito Squad for America’s best mosquito control. And the best part is, our Wellesley tick control mist also controls mosquitoes. When you call on Mosquito Squad for one, you get both types of protection!

Schedule now, mist for ticks and mosquitoes later.

As they say, “An ounce of prevention….” If you are even considering professional tick and mosquito control for your home in Wellesley, it’s time to get in touch with Mosquito Squad of Franklin and Framingham to discuss your needs. We will get you onto our mist schedule and begin treating your yard as soon as necessary once the seasonal warm-up takes hold. You won’t have to call us again. Our highly trained Wellesley tick and mosquito control technicians will continue treating your yard in rotation all the way through fall. Our protection is set it and forget it, because you have better things to do than contact us every two or three weeks to schedule your treatment. You don’t even have to be home. If we treat your yard in your absence, we’ll leave a note letting you know that we have completed your periodic protection mist!

Let’s get your Wellesley tick control yard sprays scheduled today! Call Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham at (978) 234-2367.

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