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Goodbye Summer. Hello Autumn. Welcome Back Ticks.

They are saying that this has been the 4th hottest summer on record! We definitely got our share of heat in Massachusetts this year. The positive side of that was fewer ticks, and around here we will take it! However, it’s cooling off and they are coming for us. As fall really settles in, the ticks will be out and looking for their pre-winter meal, it’s important that they get it to continue the life cycle. Winter does not kill the tick population or even push it underground. If the ground isn’t frozen or covered with snow the ticks will be out and feeding.

In your fall/winter activities don’t forget to protect yourself.

Pumpkin Patches, Apple Orchards, and Corn Mazes

Watching the pool close is always a little sad, but the first smell of an apple cider doughnut will make you forget all about it for a while! No better family time is spent than in the activities of fall. Getting lost in a corn maze is so much fun! Or picking the perfect pumpkin for the neighborhood carving contest. And the apples oh how we love the apples… or the apple pies, apple fritters, apple dumplings at the very least. Of course, all of these things take place outside and the ticks are going to be right there with you. This might be the time to consider investing in some permethrin-treated clothing or at least be sure to wear longs sleeves and pants. Your insect repellent should contain DEET or oil of lemon eucalyptus. Consider tucking your pants down in your socks. You just can’t be too careful amongst all the fall foliage.

Hunting Season

Doesn’t matter if it is a wabbit season, duck season, or deer season… Elmer Fudd needs to be covered from head to toe. Think about what you are surrounded in when you are out hunting… brush, low limbs, tall grass. This is exactly where ticks wait for you. Due to the smell, it isn’t likely you’ll wear repellent on a hunt since it might repel your prey as well. That means dressing properly is a must. But truly that isn’t enough. When you are out in the ticks’ element like, this the tick checks that you do when you get home have to be extreme. Check, double check, and have someone else check you. Run the clothes through the dryer. Those nasty little buggers love hitching a ride home with you.


It has started to cool off and the idea of making exercise a little more fun starts to kick in, so why not go for a hike? Hiking falls right in there with hunting when it comes to tick protection. You’ve entered the ticks’ world now. It’s their environment and they are waiting for you. You have to dress correctly to be safe on the trail. Repellent, tucking the pants legs in, all the same drill. And the tick checks are so important. Check behind the ears, the hairline, and don’t forget the belly button… seriously.

Christmas Tree Shopping

Did you blink? If you did, you missed fall altogether and Christmas is here! (sorry, we forgot to save you any turkey) Maybe you go out and find the perfect tree and cut it down yourself or maybe you have a perfect lot that you’ve gone to for so long they remember your name.

It’s such a fun time of year, nothing could be worse than to ruin it with sickness. Therefore you have to remember to protect yourself from ticks even on the Christmas tree hunt. Remember just because it’s cold doesn’t mean they still aren’t around looking for that blood meal and if there’s brush or grass without frost or snow, there are ticks.

All of these events and places that you have to be aware of and remember to repel and protect and check for ticks. Then you are home and you want to let the guard down. Home is where you relax so why not include the ability to relax your tick safety game. That’s where we come in.

Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham wants to be your protection against ticks at home this fall and all year long. Our barrier treatment will eliminate 85-90% of existing ticks in your yard and our tick tube system works on keeping next year’s batch from ever even getting that far. You have to be aware in places you can’t control, but you don’t have to work so hard at it when you are home. Call us today and let’s schedule your treatment plan from fall right on through to next summer!