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Could a Tick-Borne Illness Be Clogging Your Arteries?

Science News Magazine has reported a crazy twist to what was already a crazy tick bite side effect. It has already been proven that a bite from the Lone Star tick can cause an allergy to red meat in some humans. Certain mammals other than humans carry a sugar in their bodies called alpha-gal. It has been found that a bite from a Lone Star tick can cause an antibody reaction to this sugar making a person allergic to beef or pork. Now if that isn’t strange enough this allergy could be causing additional health problems.

Allergy Created By Tick Bite Could Be Contributing to Plaque in Your Arteries

Cardiologist, Coleen McNamara of University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville, lead a study of 118 people with heart disease. Of those tested, 31 had the antibodies for the alpha-gal sugar and each of those had 25% more plaque in their arteries than those that didn’t test positive for the antibodies. The test featured people from ages 30-80 and those with the highest concentration of plaque were over 65. They also found that the type of plaque was the type most likely to lead to heart attack. Scary stuff.

Protect Yourself From Getting the Tick Red-Meat Allergy

“Elevated levels of allergen-targeting antibodies have been previously linked with coronary artery disease, but this study is the first to identify a specific allergen,” says McNamara. However, this finding only shows a connection at this point and not specific measurable data to be used for diagnosis and treatment. But it is a step. McNamara and her team plan on continued and more specific testing.

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