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When should I start my Ashland mosquito control?

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As springtime approaches, it’s time to consider scheduling your yearly Ashland mosquito control sprays.

Ashland Mass, like many locales across the United States, is in the late winter weather cycle of warm-ups and cool-downs. At times, it’s difficult to know what season we are actually in. We might see springtime temperatures today and fall back into winter weather tomorrow. If the warmer days haven’t gotten you to thinking about your Ashland mosquito control regimen, Mosquito Squad is here to remind you!

Why is Ashland mosquito control so important?

Though human cases of mosquito-borne illnesses might be rare, they are not non-existent. And until humankind has eradicated the threat of mosquito diseases, we must make an effort to reduce potentially harmful mosquito bites. Not only for ourselves and our children, but our pets and livestock too. At the very least, our professional Ashland mosquito control mist will make your time outdoors more enjoyable, sans buzzing and whirring mosquitoes.

Get onto our mosquito control mist schedule sooner than later!

If you are wondering when to call Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham to schedule your Ashland mosquito yard sprays, the time is now. As average temperatures steadily increase over the next few weeks, adult female mosquitoes will be on the prowl. Mosquito larvae that have been overwintering will begin their journeys to adulthood. These larvae could be living beneath the surface of your pool water, or buried in the debris at the bottom of fountains, bird baths, and ponds, where they have avoided a deep winter freeze.

Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham’s highly trained mosquito control technicians will be able to identify and eliminate problematic mosquito breeding areas throughout your property. They will further inform you about keeping your yard safer from the threat of mosquitoes by keeping areas of standing water under control. And from April all the way through the end of October, they will be geared up to perform your periodic barrier protection sprays to help keep flourishing mosquito populations under control outside your home.

Let’s get your yearly Ashland mosquito control regimen schedule today! Call Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham at (978) 234-2367.

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