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Ugh, Really? All That Planning and MOSQUITOES Ruined My Wedding?

You dream about it from the time you’re a young child. You plan endlessly. You think of every detail. You marry the most wonderful person in the world. The wedding goes beautifully and it’s more magical than you could have fathomed. You get to your outdoor reception. The tent is standing, the band is playing, and the food looks to die for.

An hour later your guests start heading for their cars. Seriously?

I’m sure you’ve been at a spectacular outdoor event whether a wedding, graduation, reunion party, or another event at one of the great event venues here on the North Shore. We have so many great North Shore venues including The Hellenic Center in Ipswich, the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, The Commons 1854 in Topsfield, or another great venue, contact Mosquito Squad of the North Shore to provide mosquito protection for your event. Or, make it easier and have your wedding consultant give us a ring. We work with wedding and party planners as well as directly with venues.

If you’re not familiar with Mosquito Squad, we provide a barrier protection treatment that creates a mosquito-free zone within the area we treat. You designate the area. It can be around a tent, on a tree line surrounding the outdoor venue, around a pergola or chuppa, around a seating area, or even in the valet or parking area. We also treat for backyard events.

Here’s how it works. After you designate the outdoor locations you want protected, we treat the area twice – one week before the event and also the day before the event. There is no smell, no sticky residue, and the only evidence of protection is that fact that you and your guests are not getting eaten up by mosquitoes. As an added bonus, the Mosquito Squad barrier treatment protection also protects against ticks. Is your wedding on the grass or down a path with flowering plants gracing the path? Mosquito Squad protection works on both mosquitoes and ticks.

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