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Don’t Call The Electrician When You Need a Plumber

Would you call an electrician when you have a problem with your sink?  Of course not.  Your electrician is probably a great guy and he has experience with lots of different kinds of home repairs, but sinks are not what he does. Would you call your general practitioner to deliver your allergy shots? We all know that there are a lot of reasons to use a company that specializes vs. a company that says they do it all.

When you call Mosquito Squad to treat your yard, you have chosen us because ridding yards of mosquitoes and ticks is our specialty. It’s what we do.  Nationally, Mosquito Squad is in its 7th year of treating residential properties for mosquitoes and ticks.  They are not an add-on service for us.

Mosquito Squad has a proprietary barrier treatment that we use to treat our customers’ yards.  We have been so successful in keeping those blood suckers away that, since 2005, Mosquito Squad has expanded to over 150 markets nationwide.  We have one mission: to keep your yard safe and enjoyable for outdoor living.  We focus on that one thing and we do it better than anyone else.  Who says so?  Our satisfied and repeat customers– hundreds of them over our last three years on the North Shore alone. We have an “A” rating on the Better Business Bureau and excellent reviews on Angie’s List.

Nationally, Mosquito Squad franchise was named one of the fastest growing franchise concepts by INC. Magazine for three years running.

Our barrier treatment and tick tubes are top treatments on the market for ticks.  Lyme disease is a major health concern throughout the northeast and Mosquito Squad of the North Shore takes it very seriously.  To that end, we offer our tick tube program in addition to our regular misting service.  The tubes are especially effective at eliminating ticks during their larval and nymph stages of development.  The treatment plus the tubes offer a “one-two punch” that really hits ticks where they live AND where they hang out.  We finish every day feeling good about the fact that we are protecting North Shore families from potentially serious illnesses.

Keeping disease-bearing pests away from your yard is serious business.  It impacts both your health and your enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces.  Make sure to call a company that specializes in mosquito and tick abatement and top-notch customer service.  We take phone calls day or night.  Whenever you call, you will get to talk to a person.  This is what we do and we do it right for you.

Contact us today to keep mosquitoes and ticks out of your yard for the entire summer.