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West Nile Virus Makes Its First Appearance of the Season

It was never really a matter of if, simply a matter of when. On July 6th, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced the West Nile Virus has been detected in mosquitoes in Worcester and Auburn. There is no longer time to “think about protection”. It is the time to DO. The City of Worcester has been preparing for this since May by working with the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project and the city’s Division of Public Health. Together they are educating about mosquito protection, maintaining ditches and other areas that can collect water and create mosquito habitat, and mist public areas for mosquitoes.


West Nile is a virus that mosquitoes get when they bite an infected bird. Then, in turn, they give it to humans when they bite them. Fortunately few people, maybe 1 in 5, that contract the virus ever get symptoms and if they do they are mild and flu-like. However, 1 of approximately 150 will become seriously ill. The highest risk group or people over the age of 50. There is no vaccine and no treatment for West Nile Virus, only treatment of symptoms.


We know what local government is doing to help the fight against mosquitoes and West Nile, but what are you doing? Protecting against mosquitoes is about much more than stopping the annoyance they bring, it’s about public safety and health. No matter how much is done in the streets and public areas around you, if you don’t do the work at home you will have mosquitoes.

Dr. Michael Hirsh, medical director for the Worcester Division of Public Health, tells of Worcester that “It’s important for the public to practice the Five D’s of prevention: avoid being outdoors during Dawn and Dusk when mosquitoes are most active; Dress in long-sleeved clothing; use insect repellent with DEET, and Drain any standing water from around your home.”

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