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West Nile Virus: Early Positive Results in Other States Means It’s Arriving Soon in Massachusetts

Pennsylvania, Illinois, Las Vegas… West Nile virus is popping up everywhere right now. Of course, West Nile isn’t new in the United States, so we expect it, but its arrival is a bit early. Michael Chisdock, West Nile program director for Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, tells the Times-Tribune this is a month earlier than expected. He also says that positive results now most likely means more mosquitoes will test positive this season, “Usually, when it starts this early, we get more of them.” In California, the West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District has reported to the Sun 12 positive mosquito samples and 1 actual human case of West Nile Virus. They remind residents that as the weather heats up the number of mosquitoes will increase.


West Nile virus is spread when mosquitoes bite birds infected with it and then go on to bite humans or other animals. While 4 out of 5 people that contract West Nile won’t know they have it, the other 20% can have symptoms that range from a common headache and fever to much more severe symptoms including coma, convulsions, and paralysis. There are rare cases that are even fatal. Katie Bryan, an epidemiologist with the Wyoming Department of Health, says that often cases are under-reported because so many people may not show signs of the illness.

Here in Massachusetts, we have not had a positive result for West Nile this year, but as it appears to be marching across the country, we know it’s only a matter of time. If you want to keep up on your own follow this link to the Department of Health and Human Services. Updated daily, you will know when that first mosquito, animal, and human test positive for the virus.


It was a mild winter, and now it has been a wet spring, both perfect conditions for a heavy mosquito season. And where there is the chance for more mosquitoes there is the chance for more disease. We can’t control the weather, but there are things we can control when it comes to keeping our families protected from mosquitoes and the diseases that they carry. Follow Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham's 5Ts of Mosquito Control and don’t allow your outdoor spaces to be the kind of home mosquitoes thrive in. Then allow us to do the rest. Our mosquito barrier treatment will eliminate 80-90% of mosquitoes on contact and continue to work for up to 21 days. We can create a schedule to continue to treat all season long. No mosquitoes, not bites, no virus. Call us today! 

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