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Protecting Yourself from Lyme Disease in Central Mass Starts at Home

Ticks are terrifying. If they didn’t look scary enough if you find one embedded in your or your pet’s skin, there’s the threat or fear that the tick could be carrying Lyme Disease or another tick-borne disease. If you love spending time outdoors, this fear doesn’t need to keep you inside. There are ways you can protect yourself when you’re outside your yard. But, the best protection you can give yourself is to make your own yard a tick-protected zone.

Imagine if you felt safe out in your own yard that you would be protected from 85-90% of the ticks in your yard? And imagine that you could improve that number by taking a couple extra precautionary steps to make your yard less tick friendly?

Your best tick protection for your yard is a barrier treatment protection program. Mosquito squad sprays the perimeter of your yard to create an invisible barrier for ticks looking for a place to go and feed. As you know, it’s also important to treat the area inside the perimeter of your property. When our trained and experienced applicators come to apply the tick protection treatment, we treatment not only the perimeter of your yard but also all standing vegetation. We focus on the areas of your yard where you spend the most time. We treat your deck, can pay special attention around a kid’s play area, and can also pay special attention in areas where your beloved pets like to hang out.

The barrier treatment keeps new ticks from entering your property. But what about the ones that are already there? When your treatment is applied, it’s designed to eliminate living ticks on contact. This includes both adult ticks and nymph ticks. But, the important thing to remember is it cannot take care of ticks where they hide like deep in a brush pile, at the bottom of a pile of leaves, or in a stack of wood. For those areas, you will have to implement practices to make your yard as unappealing as possible to ticks. They love dark, moist, hidden areas. The more you take care of piles of leaves and brush and do what you can to keep other dark and moist areas minimized, you are doing a great job to help protect your yard.

It keeps on working!

Our proprietary treatment formula not only eliminates ticks on contact, but it also adheres to vegetation to keep on protecting you. The microencapsulated timed-release formula adheres to the vegetation. When ticks spend time on the vegetation, they are eliminated by the remaining protectant on the vegetation. How long does it last? Our program is designed for full protection during the full season. Each treatment works for 21 days. For our seasonal customers, our applicators come out and re-treat your property every 21 days for summer-long protection.

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