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Our Top 3 Favorite Educational Videos from a One-To-Watch Source

If you are trying to read up on ticks here in Central Mass and Lyme Disease, you have your work cut out for you. There are hundreds of great resources. Follow this blog for regular, short informational posts about Lyme Disease here in the Central MA area.

In our ongoing effort to be a great educational source, we want to share one of the resources we’ve found that consistently has great information and puts that information out in a very digestible format. The Tick Encounter Resource Center (TERC) is the University of Rhode Island’s organization dedicated to engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action in fighting disease causing ticks. The TERC maintains a collection of YouTube videos that are easily digestible and pack great information.

Of their video collection, here are 3 very educational brief videos we recommend watching.

The first is called “Tick Factoids: Adults”

Did you know there is only one thing ticks feed on their entire lives? Call them vampires because blood is the only thing they feed on. Do you know what female ticks do immediately after laying their batch of eggs numbering 1,000 or so? They die! This short video is packed with great educational information.

Tick Factoids: Larvae & Nymph

Don’t be fooled into thinking ticks live for only one season. The life cycle of a deer tick from hatching to laying eggs is two years! That means that ticks over winter by finding winter hiding places. Besides being stomped out or otherwise beaten, guess what naturally kills ticks? Low humidity and dehydration cause a natural death in ticks. Another fun fact? Watch to learn a bunch more on larval and nymph stage ticks.

How do deer ticks become infected with Lyme Disease?

Did you know that even if a tick is infected with Lyme Disease, all her larvae are pathogen free when they hatch? Did you know that ticks do not get Lyme Disease from deer? At what point in their life cycle do they get Lyme Disease and from which animals?

In addition to following this blog, follow the TERC for loads of updated information. Here in Central Mass, you know how difficult it is to stay away from tick-infested environments. Basically, outside just about anywhere is a tick-friendly or tick-infested environment. But, protecting your yard is something you can do. Mosquito Squad of Central Mass provides an effective barrier treatment protection program to protect you, your family, your pets, and your guests from ticks and tick-borne infections in your yard. Our service is designed to protect your yard for the entire season. Call now to sign up for season protection.