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Is the West Nile Virus in MA?

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For roughly two years now, we’ve been kept acutely aware of the disease landscape in our country. Having dealt with Covid for so long, we seem to be on high alert constantly in anticipation of another illness circulating through our society. There are so many diseases, though, that it is difficult to stay aware of the ones you should be concerned about. With the outdoor living season returning this spring, there is a certain disease vector that you should be paying attention to: Mosquitoes. Throughout the Northeast, warm weather signals not only a time to enjoy the outdoors, but also the reappearance of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes have demonstrated a concerning population growth trend over the past years due to changing climate conditions that are likely here to stay. So, why should legions of mosquitoes be a serious concern for people living in MA? In addition to the disgust you might feel when you discover a mosquito embedded in your skin, you also have a chance of developing a mosquito-borne disease from a bite. West Nile virus, which you’ve probably heard of, has been known to cause debilitating chronic illness in some cases, and death in rare instances. Warmer climate conditions are expected to make MA more habitable for the mosquitoes contributing to the spread of the Heartland virus. This virus is relatively uncommon, for now, yet it never hurts to know what awaits down the road. West Nile virus can be lethal, especially to the elderly with underlying health conditions, and there is a chance the disease could become far more common in the years ahead. Mosquito control is important not only to salvage your outdoor living experience but also to reduce the likelihood of developing West Nile virus or another mosquito-borne disease.

Grafton mosquito control is key in the fight against mosquitoes and ticks

Considering how terrible mosquitoes have been in recent years, we wouldn’t be out of line to expect the same this year. This fact is rather distressing because we’ve longed for an end to the cold for so long. As great as summer is, mosquitoes and ticks can make things miserable in a hurry. Fortunately, there are great solutions available to you.

Mosquito control in Grafton is also effective against ticks

Ticks are the leading vector-borne disease spreader in the United States. Massachusetts is one of several Northeastern states that has been hit particularly hard by tick-borne diseases, and things are only expected to get worse. Heartland virus, for example, is a disease typically contained in the South, yet the virus has been detected as far north as New York. Ticks and mosquitoes are changing the disease landscape in our state, so it is important to be prepared. Mosquito Squad is here to help.

For nearly 20 years, Mosquito Squad has demonstrated a commitment to the customer experience that is difficult to find in the industry. Not only are our technicians highly trained, but also our barrier protection treatments provide incredible mosquito defense. When applied around the border of your yard and on mosquito hotspots, you are guaranteed to see up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population on your property. Massachusetts is home to several vector-borne diseases, including West Nile virus. For Grafton mosquito control, consult Mosquito Squad of Franklin and Framingham. Give us a call at (978) 234-2367.

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