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Ashland Tick Treatment for Pet Lyme Disease Protection

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Can your dog get Lyme disease? Yes, indeed! Your beloved cats and dogs can contract Lyme infection, but there is hope in the fight against tick bites.

Lyme disease is carried by very small nymph ticks. These ticks bite mice that are infected with Lyme disease, then bite humans and other animals. This is the process by which the bacterium spreads, and in Central Mass, the process could be likened to the spreading of wildfire. Your beloved pets can contract Lyme disease in your Massachusetts yard just like humans and can be even more susceptible to tick bites than we are. This is because our pets usually spend more time in the yard than we do. They are closer to the ground vegetation, where ticks quest, and can be more exposed to the recesses of outdoor spaces, where ticks live. If your pet has been bitten by a tick, it is important to watch for Lyme symptoms to occur.

What are some symptoms of Lyme disease in pets?

Pets with Lyme infection commonly exhibit symptoms of recurrent lameness. This is due to inflammation of the joints, which can be mistaken for arthritis. Other common symptoms of canine and feline Lyme disease are depression, lack of appetite, and a general lack of energy. Whether or not you are aware if your family pet has been bitten by a tick, it is time to visit your veterinarian if these symptoms arise. More severe complications from the disease include kidney damage, heart damage and nervous system damage. Therefore, the faster Lyme infection is confirmed and treated, the better for your pet.

Ashland tick treatment will aid in Lyme prevention for pets.

Ticks are out en masse in Ashland MA from early spring through late fall. These veritable tick armies are questing for their next blood meal and could harbor tick-borne illness. There are several steps you can take to fortify your yard to help protect your pet from the threat Lyme disease.

  • Be sure to check your pet for ticks when they return indoors from being outside.
  • Ensure that your pet is on a scheduled tick preventative, as advised by your veterinarian.
  • Add Mosquito Squad’s Ashland tick treatment program to further reduce the risk of your dog or cat being bitten by a tick while enjoying time outdoors at home.

Mosquito Squad of Franklin-Framingham’s barrier tick control is applied all around your property’s perimeter and worked inward from your yard’s expanse all the way to the areas close to your home. This EPA-registered tick treatment lasts about three weeks, at which time it will be re-applied to create a more secure outdoor space for your pets and your whole family to enjoy throughout the warm months.

See CDC recommendations for tick removal here.

Help protect yourself and your pets from the threat of Lyme disease with Mosquito Squad’s tick control in Ashland, Mass. Our tick barrier protection treats for mosquitoes too! Call us today at (978) 234-2367.

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