How Do I Control Mosquitoes In My Yard?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham

We understand how overwhelming mosquitoes can be. As soon as warm weather returns, they arrive in droves to feast on the blood of anything silly enough to step outside. Nothing aside from directly applying mosquito spray to yourself seems to work, and no one likes to be covered in acrid pesticide. While all might seem hopeless in the face of a mosquito population’s relentless search for blood, some mosquito control options are proven work.

Don’t allow the fact that it’s winter keep you from considering the best mosquito control solutions for your home and family.

And just like that, Christmas is behind us! Knowing how quickly time passes, it’s never too early to consider protecting your family from the threat of mosquito bites. The question is: How do I control mosquitoes in my yard? Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham has a few answers for you. As resilient as mosquitoes might seem, they are far more vulnerable than you might think. Spring and summer are the most prolific seasons for mosquitoes, and their ability to reproduce depends on a warm environment. However, if you know where to look, you can not only discourage mosquitoes from entering your property, but you can also target their breeding areas for pesticide application. This technique sets Mosquito Squad apart from other mosquito defense service providers.

With Mosquito Squad, you have a choice between different types of Grafton mosquito control.

Mosquito Squad offers highly effective mosquito control treatments. Our leading product is known as our border protection spray. Just as its name indicates, border protection spray is applied around your property’s perimeter to create an invisible barrier that will reduce the mosquito population in your yard by 85-90% for a period of three weeks. As an effective pesticide and mosquito deterrent, barrier protection spray is also applied in areas of your property that our technicians suspect are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Removing mosquito larvae is the most effective way of ensuring you aren’t bitten by an adult mosquito that could carry disease. To provide Grafton mosquito control for our environmentally conscious clients, we also offer an all-natural border protection spray made from essential oils. Although this treatment isn’t quite as powerful or long lasting as our original formula, all-natural border protection spray remains a highly effective option.

Mosquito control is not wholly dependent on yard spray.

You can also play a very important role in controlling mosquitoes in your yard! What’s more, you can enlist the help of your family and neighbors too. Mosquitoes rely on puddles or particularly damp areas like leaf, wood, and grass piles in your yard to raise their young. By removing any standing water or shelter for mosquito larvae, you automatically discourage mosquitoes from breeding on your property. Your neighbors can help, too! Mosquitoes can travel from yard to yard, so a neighborhood-wide effort to remove mosquito habitat is a surefire way to keep these flying pests from coming near your property.

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