Weddings & Graduations: Preparing for Your First Outdoor Celebrations of the Season

Author: Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham

When spring finally breaks and that last April snow shower has passed, it is time to jump in and finish up those graduation party and wedding plans. Spring Weddings and Graduations are the first big outdoor celebrations of the year in Central Massachusetts. Brides plan their whole lives for their big day, with dreams of a gorgeous spring wedding in the Bay State. Likewise, students work hard, pull all-nighters and manage to pass that horrific calculus class to get to this milestone event. Make sure your bride and your graduate get the best celebration they deserve by hiring {Sub:BusinessName} to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks for your celebration.


Your oldest child is graduating soon and you’ve been hard at work getting your backyard ready for the big celebration. You’ve finally extended that patio, added a deck, invested in professional landscaping or installed a volleyball court. Whatever the case may be, don’t forget to make sure your gorgeous outdoor entertaining space is pest free for your guests. The last thing you want is to have the celebration end just before dusk when the mosquitoes flock for a smorgasbord. Keep your guests and your graduate happy with special event mosquito control for your graduation party.


The dress has long been ordered, the catering is lined up, the bridesmaids are planning the bachelorette party and the wedding planner is tying up the tiniest details for a perfect outdoor wedding in Central Massachusetts. With so many details to decide on and manage, it is no surprise that often the tick control and mosquito control is over-looked. If you’re the bride, the parents of the bride or the wedding planner, be sure to call {Sub:BusinessName} before the big day arrives. We offer a special event tick spray and mosquito spray that will ensure your guests are safe from annoying itchy mosquito bites and the dangers of stealthy tick bites.


Unfortunately, deer ticks and mosquitoes don’t graciously let you have your special day without their presence. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in Central Massachusetts there is definitely some danger of having mosquitoes chase your guests away before dusk. Even worse, tick bites and mosquito bites could lead to dangerous diseases like Lyme Disease, Zika Virus, Anaplasmosis and more. No one wants to get news a week after their special day that a loved one has become ill.

You don’t have to have a party in the woods to be burdened by ticks and mosquitoes. Ticks don’t mind questing on a shady manicured lawn, along a stone retaining wall or near the base of that perfect old barn where pictures will be taken. Mosquitoes don’t need a swamp to be hanging around. A scenic stream or fountain creates enough water for thousands of mosquitoes to live and breed.

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