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Mosquito Control And Tick Control In Chelmsford This Summer

Author: Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham

After a challenging winter this year, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting good news for Massachusetts residents.  Spring temperatures in Chelmsford and surrounding areas are expected to be above normal in April and May this year.  This good news brings bad news, however, when it comes to mosquito control and tick control this spring and summer.

With the snow we received this winter, the ground is very wet.  With above average temperatures this spring we will soon be consistently above 45°-50° F.  The wetness and higher temperatures signal an early mosquito and tick season for us.  We can expect to see both insects very active in 2014.

Mosquito and tick populations will get a boost in July.  According to the Almanac, July will be wetter than normal in Chelmsford and surrounding areas.

It is a common myth that nature controls mosquitoes and ticks using cold temperatures.  If you think the snow and cold temperatures of winter help eliminate mosquitoes and will not eliminate ticks, talk to someone from Alaska where there are 35 species of mosquitoes.  Both mosquitoes and ticks are survivors and adapt easily to extreme winter temperature and moisture variations.  Ticks are especially good at wintering in the dens and nests of rodents and other nesting animals and surviving through spring.

Our winter wetness in the form of snowfall this year, as well as the expected early warmth and wetness predicted by The Old Farmer’s Almanac, will cause both mosquitoes and ticks to be abundant.  Of course, with an abundance of both species comes an increased exposure to the diseases they carry.

Although we can expect both insects to be prevalent this summer, we can take action now by using a barrier spray like the one offered by {Sub:BusinessName} to reduce their presence where we live.  One spray provides effective mosquito control and effective tick control.  In addition, we can use personal repellents like those recommended by the CDC to provide personal protection for our families anytime we are outdoors this spring through early fall where mosquitoes or tick bites are a concern.

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