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It Will Soon Be Raining Cats and...Tigers?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham

It’s March 2014 and believe it or not, mosquito season here in Central Mass is right around the corner. While mosquito used to be pesky, there were a few ways to avoid getting eaten up by mosquitoes. Basically the early evening barbecue was a bad idea unless you had a private stock of citronella candles. After all, mosquitoes feed mostly at dusk right? That’s not always the case any more. There are new breeds of mosquitoes here in Central Mass that are more aggressive than the typical pesky mosquito – some will even breed during the day.

Asian Tiger mosquito and MA Cattail mosquito

The Asian Tiger mosquito and Cattail mosquito are two new predators whose eggs are will be lurking right around every corner as soon as the first signs of spring hit. They don’t need a hot summer day to swing into action. Some say that temperatures a little over 50 degrees will trigger mosquito season. Both of these new mosquito breeds are very hearty breeds and are not easily eliminated using traditional mosquito control techniques. Both breeds are very aggressive. The Asian Tiger mosquito is also a day feeder. Whereas a typical mosquito can be easily swatted away, these breeds will require more aggressive treatment than swatting and periodically applying sprays and chemicals to you, your children, and your dogs and cats.

When using the mosquito and tick control protection program from Mosquito Squad of Central MA, your entire property is protected. You don’t need to spray your favorite two-legged or four-legged residents at your home. The proprietary season-long protection program consists of regular treatments every two or three weeks throughout the entire summer. Our licensed and trained technicians come out to your property on a regular schedule to spray your property. The barrier spray both eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact, but also provides a time-release protection that continues to protect your yard, and everyone within it, until your next spray.

What areas of Central MA do we cover?

Westford, Tewksbury, Sudbury, Wilmington, Chelmsford, Westminster, Marlborough, Leominster, Lunenburg, and Northborough are just a few of the towns we cover here in the Chelmsford, Leominster and Central MA area. Give us a call now to set up your service for the Spring/Summer 2014 season.