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Mosquito Control Franchising FAQs

Is this business more successful in Southern areas?

Mosquito Squad has locations throughout the United States with an almost even split between locations in the North and those in the South. Mosquito and tick control is needed in almost every state. Different geographic regions will also have different mosquito and tick species. It does not matter what state you live in, many of those species are active when people start enjoying their outdoor spaces.

Many of our franchisees enjoy the seasonal aspect of the Mosquito Squad business as it allows them the freedom and flexibility to enjoy their lifestyle goals, while also having time to fully plan and prepare for the next season.

What do you do during the off season?

The duration of the off season depends on your location. Working on your business is just as important, if not more important, than working in your business. During the “off season”, you will focus on growing your business by preparing for the next mosquito season. You will work on building your marketing plan, budgeting, renewals, etc. Some customers also look for pre-season tick control in the winter or early spring.

Franchise owners also enjoy a little bit of down time after a busy season, and often take a few weeks off to have fun enjoying their families and friends, taking vacations, and resting up before the start of the next busy season. This is viewed by franchisees as one of the perks to owning an outdoor pest control company.

Do I need a background in pest control?

While every state requires a license to be in a pest control business, only a few require experience in pest control. Less than 1% of the franchisees in the Mosquito Squad business come from a pest control background.

Are there licensing restrictions?

Every state has licensing requirements that will need to be met prior to your operational start date. Mosquito Squad will help guide you through this process.

Can I operate this business from my home?

Most franchisees start their Mosquito Squad business from home, but many relocate the business within a short period of time as the business is quite scalable and may outgrow a home office. Mosquito Squad does not require a retail location as it helps keep your overhead lower.

Can I keep my current job and do this semi-absentee?

As with any business, someone must be devoted to starting and overseeing the business full-time. While most franchisees take this on themselves, Mosquito Squad has worked with general managers or spouses to ensure there is full-time management in place.

How many trucks do I need to start out?

Most locations will start with one truck and build that vehicle to capacity. Once that vehicle nears capacity, additional vehicles are added.

What is the all-in investment?

The Franchise Disclosure Document will provide you with an estimated initial investment range. However, during the discovery process, we’ll help you with a capital worksheet which will help you determine your “all in” investment. This investment will vary based on each franchisee’s launch and growth strategy. For example, some franchisees will have a vehicle already on hand while some franchisees will hire a general manager.

Do you offer protected territories?

Yes, all Mosquito Squad territories are exclusive. You will be granted a territory in which to sell the products and services you are authorized to sell under the Franchise Agreement. Your Territory is based on demographics and other characteristics including population density, average income and other characteristics of the surrounding area, natural boundaries, extent of competition and the amount and size of urban, suburban and rural areas. Also, while some competitors require you to invest in multiple territories to equal the size of one Mosquito Squad territory, we award individual territories that are sufficient to build an attractive business and often equivalent to what would require three or four territories from our competitors.

Can I service customers outside my territory?

Yes, you may be granted express permission to sell or service customers in an unlicensed territory adjacent to your territory; however, you must agree that when this adjacent territory is licensed to another franchisee, you will cease all sales and service efforts in the previously open territory and turn any customers over to the adjacent franchisee.

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