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5 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Mosquito Control Franchise

Author: Mosquito Squad

The internet is flooded with a lot of advice, tips, and general knowledge around opening businesses, starting franchises, and finding success in all types of industries. To help you wade through it all and ensure you know exactly what you need to know, here are 5 things you should know before opening a mosquito control franchise:

1. The Weather Can Tell You a Lot About Your Week

As a business owner, you’ll create your own schedule. To plan your week accordingly, it’s best to know when things may be busier than usual. While the pre-mosquito season and peak mosquito season are always busy for us for obvious reasons, you may not realize how much weather can dictate the week you’re going to have. When it rains more, insects come out, causing all sorts of problems – and business for our owners.

We recommend getting a good weather app – you’re going to need it.

2. Business Growth and Expansion is Common

Since there is no storefront needed for pest control companies, you’ll enjoy the lower overhead costs. While you can begin working from home, fast business growth and quick expansion are common. This is common in terms of expanding your team to serve more local customers and the ability to add additional home services to your portfolio. Whether that’s additional pest control services, lawn care, or something else, Mosquito Squad has you covered with expert assistance in business growth.

3. The Off-Season is The Best Season (Just Ask Our Owners)

With an on-season comes an off-season. If you ask any of our owners, they’ll tell you their favorite thing about working in mosquito control is the benefit of having a couple of months off to spend with their friends, family, or even explore other business ventures.

No matter how you choose to spend it, you’ll wonder how you were able to work all those years without it!

4. You Will Do a Whole Lot of Good

While mosquito control is a very lucrative business, especially as demand begins to rise in places all across the world, you’ll enjoy doing good. Not only in ensuring a world-class service is delivered to every one of your customers, but to lay your head at night knowing you’ve made your community safer. Mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests can be very dangerous, and without pest control companies, the insect populations and their effects would continue to grow at much faster rates.

5. It’s Insanely Easy to Get Started

We make it very easy to join our squad! Whether you’re looking to covert your current pest control business to a Mosquito Squad location, or you’re looking to start a brand new business with the help of our proven processes, we offer a simple ownership process that will ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your future!

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