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Meet The Mosquito Squad: Franchise Owners in North Central Wisconsin

Author: Mosquito Squad

Mosquito Squad wouldn’t be the company it is today without the help of our hundreds of franchise owners scattered across the country. While we can talk about how powerful our franchise system is, it may be better to hear it from our owners themselves:

Who Are They?

Mark Hoerman and Larry Poltrock have owned and operated Mosquito Squad in North Central Wisconsin for over six years, specializing in both tick and mosquito elimination services

Previously in law enforcement for 25 years, Mark decided he’d had enough of the detective world and sought something new. After considering all of his options, he landed on a pest control franchise opportunity that changed his life for the better – Mosquito Squad!

After reaching out to Larry, with whom he had shared a few previous business ventures previously, Larry agreed to work with him part-time to get things up and running. Since then, Larry has retired from his day job and joined Mark in full-time management of the location.

They both celebrate the support given by Mosquito Squad to help them run their business and provide exceptional service to their neighbors.

Always-On Help

One of the things that our franchise owners love is the around-the-clock support they receive. For over 200 locations, we not only provide the extensive training needed to open a new pest control company but the ongoing and continued support needed to ensure it’s on track to hit your goals and keep on getting better and better!

Our mosquito control business opportunity gives you access to:

  • Routine in-person and virtual training to strengthen your business skills
  • Field visits from our operations team, helping you make sure your business is the best it can be
  • A vast, ever-growing network of franchise owners that share best practices, tips, and more

With the help of our franchise business advisors, Mark and Larry were able to have their questions answered by true experts in the field, not just a FAQ section in the help guide. Whether you need help with employee retention, business expansion and growth, or just have a question about the next thing you should be doing, we’re here to help ensure your business remains profitable and efficient.

World-Class Customer Service

Not only does our team provide world-class support to our franchisees, but our company as a whole is also known for delivering world-class customer service across the board. Mark and Larry are just one of the many Mosquito Squad locations dedicated to this.

With over 200 five-star reviews online, the team in Wisconsin has been able to make customer service the most crucial component of their business. Part of the way they’re able to deliver excellent service is by having a superior product compared to their competitors.

Our pest control treatments are some of the best in the industry and are loved by our franchise owners and customers alike. The combination of Mosquito Squad’s proven franchise operations and processes has earned the Antigo location the local best in pest control for a total of three years in a row!

Searching for your next business opportunity in the pest control industry? You’ve found it. Join Mark, Larry, and hundreds of other business owners that have chosen Mosquito Squad and found success in doing so. Call us at (888) 996-6499">(888) 996-6499 or request more information online to get started!